Emergent Divisional Works

Each financial year, Council allocates an annual amount in its budget for Emergent Divisional Works.  Emergent Divisional Works provides for small capital projects.

In the 2017/2018 financial year, each of the nine Divisional Councillors has an allocation of $50,000 for Emergent Divisional Works.

Eligibility criteria for Emergent Divisional Works

Councillors are responsible for nominating Divisional Works projects within their Division. Nominated projects are assessed against the following eligibility criteria:


  • The works must be for the procurement / creation / renewal / refurbishment of public assets.  
  • The works must occur on Council controlled property.
  • The works must align with Corporate Plan, Operational Plan, Strategic Plan or SafeST Action Plan.
  • Sufficient funds remain in the relevant Divisional Works account.
  • Shared cost for works in multiple divisions must meet the criteria and be supported by appropriate documentation.
  • Transfer of Divisional Works funds to other Divisions (shall be by agreement between relevant Councillors).

Non Eligible

  • Provision of funds to sporting, community or other similar organisations.
  • Provision of funds which will not create a public asset. 
  • Provision of funds for assets or services on non Council-controlled property (ie State controlled or private property etc).
Last updated: 04 September 2017