Why is Council redeveloping Munro Martin Park?

Munro Martin Park has, at different times, been a key gathering spot for the Cairns community and has played host to international cricket matches, visiting rugby clashes, Anzac Day commemorations and countless picnics.

There hasn't been any major works at the park in recent years and consequently it has been underutilised.

The Precinct project will re-establish Munro Martin Park as a premier community gathering space. As part of transforming the park, recognition of its links to the past will be strengthened and celebrated.

Munro Martin Park will be transformed into a lush, tropical parkland featuring shady areas, vine-covered walkways and pergolas. It will provide a much-improved entry statement at what is a key intersection in the city and the advent of the new facilities will generate more commercial activity in that specific part of the city.

The redeveloped site will include an entertainment space and open lawn area that can be used for performances and small events. A covered stage and small external amphitheatre will be used for smaller concerts and performances, and the wide lawn area will be used for other community gatherings and events.

Last updated: 08 November 2015