Infrastructure Services Department

General Manager, Mr Bruce Gardiner

Responsible for: Capital works preconstruction and delivery; infrastructure planning; works investigations; construction of roads and drains; maintenance of roads, drains, parks, foreshores, buildings; management of Partnership Cairns program; design and survey services; and management of Council's fleet and mechanical services.

Building and Facilities Management branch

Manager, Mr Antón Mac Suibhne

Responsible for:

  • Buildings and Facilities Management
  • Legislative and compliance advice for infrastructure projects and operational maintenance works
  • Fleet assets including procurement, maintenance at our Council workshops and disposal
  • Fleet hire services for all Council departments
Cairns Works Maintenance

Manager, Mr Gary Everson

Responsible for:

  • Maintenance of roads, drains, parks, foreshore and other infrastructure facilities.
Cairns Works Construction

Manager, Mr Martin Perkowicz

Responsible for:

  • Capital works projects including roads, drains, parks and minor works
  • Services external clients including Department of Transport and Main Roads.
Capital Projects Delivery

Manager, Mr Ray Plasto

Responsible for:

  • Project management, design, survey and construction phase services for Council's capital works.
  • Delivery of all new Council-built infrastructure and major upgrades.
Infrastructure Planning

Manager, Mr Helius Visser

Responsible for:

  • Strategic planning for transport, drainage and foreshore, capital works, and consultation and divisional improvements.
Last updated: 30 July 2018