Water and Waste Department

Graham O'Byrne, General Manager Water and Waste 
General Manager, Graham O'Byrne

Responsible for all aspects of:

  • Water and Wastewater services
  • Waste collection, treatment and disposal
  • Infrastructure planning, design and project delivery relating to the above.
Infrastructure branch

Acting Manager, Mr Peter Thoren

Responsible for:

  • Strategic and tactical planning of water and wastewater infrastructure
  • Planning and design of infrastructure, contract administration and project management.
Simon Page 
Operations branch

Manager, Mr Simon Page

Responsible for:

  • Producing, supplying and distributing potable (drinking) water
  • Wastewater treatment, reticulation and recycled water services
  • Maintenance of water and waste infrastructure
Mark Wuth 
Business Development and Compliance branch

Manager, Mark Wuth

Responsible for:

  • Water quality, environmental and WH&S monitoring, regulatory reporting, policy advice, auditing, risk assessment and incident response services
  • Laboratory services
  • Water and Waste business development , marketing, communications and education
Steve Cosatto is Manager, Waste Branch 
Waste Branch

Manager, Mr Steve Cosatto

Responsible for waste collection, treatment and disposal including:

  • Council's four transfer stations
  • Materials Recovery Facility and Buy Back Shop
  • Management of council waste and resource recovery services
Last updated: 17 October 2017