Student Enrichment Program: Science and Sustainability

This Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre program partners talented Year 5 science students with industry mentors to develop environmental and sustainability projects in their schools and community. Council has proudly funded the program since 2014 and provides expertise to assist students with their projects. Find out more about the student's achievements in the downloads below.

Featured Student Projects

Hungry Bins

This student created an ap-based game in which the player quickly moves bins to catch falling rubbish - the catch is, it needs to be in the correct bin - waste or recycling. The game helps eco-warriors to quickly improve their knowledge about correct disposal and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

Save the River, Save the Reef

This student used his music skill-set produce his very own song and music clip, aimed at encouraging local businesses to support tree planting as a team-building activity. The project highlights the problem of erosion and sediment run-off and the long-term affect this is having on the Great Barrier Reef. He also participated in local tree plantings, and liaised with local businesses and community members.

Controlling COTS

This project aimed to educate people on the effects of overpopulation of the Crown of Thorn Starfish (COTS) on the Great Barrier Reef by creating a documentary. The student surveyed other students prior to releasing the video to gain data indicating students’ current knowledge and understanding of COTS.

Adopt A Drain

From watching litter being washed into a drain during rainfall, this student worked with a number of agencies to realise her goal of promoting healthy waterway conscious behaviour.  Her stop-motion animation is a call to action for the community.

The Message is the Bottle

This student developed a website to create awareness of the impact of rubbish on the environment, specifically targeting Ellis and Holloways Beach. The website, called ‘The Message is the Bottle’, includes interesting facts and research from litter analyses at the beaches. The short film debunked the commonly held myth that plastic breaks down in the environment when in actual fact it breaks into small pieces, likely ingested by wildlife.

Last updated: 15 February 2018