Low Carbon Travel

Transport is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, with private cars making up roughly half of this. There are many ways to start travelling in the right direction to benefit our finances, health and the environment.

Active Travel

  • Cycling: There are over 500 kms of cycle paths to choose from when you decide to take the bike instead, either on the road or on the many scenic off-road paths across Cairns. Head to Council's Cycling and Walking webpage for maps and safety information.
  • Bike Maintenance: Head to your local bike shop or community bicycle repair workshop, Rubber Side Down.

Public Transport


  • Biofuels: E-10 is a blend of up to 10% ethanol made from crops in Queensland and 90% unleaded petrol. Available at most fuel stations, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Head to the E-10 website to see if your car is compatible.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Check out the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide to compare annual fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions before purchasing a vehicle and consider vehicle maintenance for improved efficiency.
  • Electric Vehicles: Despite the upfront costs, electric vehicles (EV's) can be substantially cheaper to run compared equivalent petrol cars. Their range in the region is increasing with a growing fleet of public charge stations (found on Plug Share) and passage to the Gold Coast supported through the Queensland Government EV Superhighway. Charging in a home connected to rooftop solar or GreenPower substantially reduces the carbon footprint of EV's
  • Car Pooling: Can you share a ride with a co-worker, neighbor or family friend on your next trip?
  • Planning Your Trip: Combine travel tasks to save on time and fuel. Consider parking further away from your destination and walking the rest to benefit from exercise or free parking.

For more information on sustainable transport, head to Your Energy Savings.

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Last updated: 08 February 2018