Energy Management

Business Queensland provides an overall guide to energy supply and pricing, energy efficiency, renewable energy and electricity support packages for businesses. CCIQ ecoBiz provides face to face coaching, webinars and bench-marking tools to help businesses save on energy, water and waste. Other specific tools and information is listed below:

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency Exchange: Information and training on energy management tailored to your industry sector.
  • Ergon Energy Check: Basic energy use reports and general tips delivered with your bills.
  • Energy Cut:  Comprehensive energy management handbook for time poor small businesses.
  • Consultants: Skilled energy efficiency providers are based in the Cairns region, see the guide prepared by Ergon Energy to assist.
  • Energy Efficiency in Agriculture: Information on tariffs and the Queensland Government Energy Savers Program, providing audits to manage irrigation and on-farm processing, refrigeration and cold storage. Co-contribution grants of up to $20,000 will also be available in 2018 to assist with implementing audit recommendations.

Renewable Energy

  • Queensland Government Support: Includes advice to responsibly consider renewable energy investment, grants and other government initiatives.
  • Solar, Batteries and Electric Vehicles: Information to help understand the considerations, opportunities and processes for installing and connecting low carbon technology to the Ergon Network.
  • Guide to Installing Solar PV: A robust step by step guide from The Clean Energy Council which includes advice for a range of system arrangements and non-grid connected, stand alone systems.
  • Financing and Rebates: No interest loans for solar and battery storage systems, as well as rebates for battery systems will be available for small businesses from March 2018 from the Queensland Government.
  • Purchasing Clean Energy: Your business can support the renewable energy industry through subscribing existing accounts to have between 2.5% and 100% of electricity purchased from renewable energy generators through the national Green Power program.
  • Cairns Regional Council Grants: Not for profit businesses can apply for Council's Community Sustainability Grant to implement a renewable energy project.

Bill Management

  • Account Management: Savings can be made with an improved understanding of billing and tariff options.


  • Consider the efficiency of fleet purchases with the Australian Government Green Vehicle Guide.
  • Check if vehicles are compatible with E-10 fuel for reduced green house gas emissions and additional savings.
  • Encourage car pooling where suitable for your business.
Last updated: 12 December 2017