Cities Power Partnership

The Cities Power Partnership is a national program led by the Climate Council to accelerate and celebrate local government successes in achieving emission reductions and transitioning towards clean energy. Council joined the growing coalition of 70 other local governments (representing over one third of the Australian population) in late 2017.


Council has committed to seven pledges as a part of the program and will report on its progress to the Climate Council every six months. These pledges are:

  • Provide adequate cycle lanes and support cyclists with parking and end-of-trip facilities
  • New developments maximise public and active transport use
  • Council fleet purchases meet efficiency requirements
  • Implement an education and behaviour change program for council officers, residents and businesses to support renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport
  • Roll out energy efficient lighting
  • Support best practice energy efficiency measures across council buildings and community facilities
  • Maximise renewable energy on Council buildings and facilities.

As a part of the program, Council will be buddied with at least two councils from across the country to promote collaboration, knowledge and resource sharing for emerging and innovative emissions reduction projects.

Find out more about Council's sustainability policies and projects, which have placed Council well on track to meet its 50% emissions reduction target by 2020 (below 2007/08 levels).

Last updated: 02 February 2018