Dog registration FAQs

Why should I register my dog

To assist us in returning your dog to you it becomes lost

Dog registration and microchipping is compulsory in Queensland. All dogs must be registered with Council from 12 weeks. There is a special introductory fee for first-time registration.

To avoid a $252 fine for having an unregistered dog

When do I have to renew my registration?

  • Dog registration must be renewed each year on 1 July (see fees).
  • From 2017, you will receive a lifetime registration tag. You will continue to pay an annual renewal fee as normal, but you will not receive a new tag or registration certificate.

What does my registration pay for?

Dog registration fees:

  • Fund and improve facilities such as the pound and dog off-leash areas
  • Contribute to handling of animal-related complaints and investigations
  • Allow us to provide a range of free activities for pet owners such as Community Dog Walks, workshops on problem behaviour and the annual Pets in the Park

How do I arrange to receive my renewal by email?

You can request to receive renewals by email:

I have just moved to the Cairns Regional Council area, do I need to register my dog with Council?

  • Yes, you are required to register your dog within 14 days of moving to the Cairns Regional Council area.
  • You should contact your previous Council to advise your dog is no longer in their local government area.
  • There are no reciprocal arrangements with other Councils so you will need to register your dog when you move to the Cairns Regional Council area and pay the full registration fee

What should I do if I move to a new address?

If you are staying in the Cairns region, you should notify Cairns Regional Council within 7 days of any changes to your dog registration details. You can do this via:

If you are leaving the Cairns region, you may need to register your dog with a new council.

When will I receive my dog tag and certificate if I register a new dog online?

Provided the online application is complete and any supporting documentation required is supplied, your registration tag and certificate should arrive within 14 days.

I have a certificate or documentation to upload with my application but don't have a scanner. What can I do?

Council will accept a clear photograph of the certificate. It must be uploaded with your application.

How many dogs can I have on my property?

What do I need to do if my dog has died or left the Cairns region?

You should notify Council within 7 days of any changes to your dog registration details.  You can do this via:

For deceased animals, pro-rata refunds will only be issued if the request is received by Council in writing within 3 months of the registration date.

Refunds will not be considered for any reason other than deceased animals.

What if my dog's tag is lost or damaged?

You should notify Council within 7 days of any changes to your dog registration details so that a new tag can be issued.  You can do this via:

Last updated: 19 June 2017